• ♡ Sensory Water Beads | Rainbow
  • ♡ Sensory Water Beads | Rainbow
  • ♡ Sensory Water Beads | Rainbow
  • ♡ Sensory Water Beads | Rainbow
  • ♡ Sensory Water Beads | Rainbow

♡ Sensory Water Beads | Rainbow


Water beads are a fun, educational way to engage your child in hands-on sensory play at home. Give your child the opportunity to not only develop their fine motor skills, but also their imagination as they play for hours on end in these soft, vibrant water beads. Add these to any sensory table for a calm, relaxing activity for your little ones that they will truly love.

Did you know that when one of your child’s senses are engaged, new neural pathways are being created in their brain that will help them throughout life?

Plus, when a child uses multiple senses to do a task, they actually learn more and retain more information. 

What are water beads? 

Water beads are non-toxic, environmentally safe and colour fast. They are made of a super absorbent polymer which expands to over 100 times its original size in water. These beads come dry and simply need to be soaked in water for 6-8 hours to expand. They can last for years when stored in an air tight container filled with clean water (make sure you put in enough water to cover the water beads). When you are ready to use them, simply drain away the water and put the water beads into a sensory tray, or container, ready for playing. When your child has outgrown the water beads, simply crush them up and use them in your garden or compost.

Water beads feel super soft, squishy and are a similar size to a marble. If you drop one on the floor it will bounce and roll. They are not slimy and do not dissolve.

Four packs of unexpanded water beads equate to 20grams. When expanded in water, these 4 packs will make up approximately 2.4 Litres of water beads, which is a perfect amount for loads of sensory play.


Please Note:

  • Whilst water beads are non-toxic and environmentally safe, they should NOT be eaten
  • Do not allow unexpanded water beads to be consumed, as they can expand in the stomach
  • Keep water beads away from child under the age of 3 as they may be a choking hazard