• ♡ Christmas sensory bundle
  • ♡ Christmas sensory bundle
  • ♡ Christmas sensory bundle

♡ Christmas sensory bundle


the ultimate stocking stuffer and perfect gift for under $20. These kits include a mix of our favourite things as well as a 20% discount code to use in the new year!

Each Kit Includes -
200g dough (colour of your choice)
200g loose parts 
50g dough sprinkles (dried flowers)
20% discount voucher. Expiry DEC/2021




A quick note about our kits.
Our sensory playdough kits are handmade with love and with all natural, locally sourced ingredients. It is completely biodegradable, eco friendly and comes in a glass jar that you can re-use.  It's the perfect activity for littles, and for mamas who need a breather - the longest my girls have played with these is 90 minutes. ninety... minutes! It also makes a great product for adult mindfulness as well. 

**This kit contains small parts and choking hazards and Is aimed for ages 3+ however, my 18 month old twins love to play with this, unless your kids are a lot older this is an activity that requires heavy monitoring, especially if loose parts play is happening! 

*includes 200g of playdough, and a paper bag of loose parts play which is a mix of laser cut wooden shapes, shells, glass drops, sequins, gumnuts, dried bottlebrush, nature play, safe pieces from 'outside', sourced from a local distributor, dried flowers, sanded pieces of timber, flower sprinkles, seed pods and wooden parts. plus dough sprinkles made with dried lavender and cornflowers.

(dough Ingredients - Organic plain flour, organic ground salt, cream of tartar (non organic), organic coconut oil, filtered spring water and 100% certified organic blue spirulina or, beetroot powder or, matcha or, pea flower or, lavender, cinnamon depending on which colour you choose.

Our doughs are essential oil free, always.