rainbow ice block painting

Ice painting.

My kids adored this activity, I would say its most suitable for ages 3+.
We used natural paint powder to colour one half and natural dyes for the other.
The paint powder ones had a richer texture but the dyes were laster longing. This took up an entire afternoon for my kids, they got a LOT out of it!
The best part about these is that they're re-usable, once frozen you can pop them all into a ziplock bag for storage at the coldest part of the fridge!
They last forever. Great to have on hand for a rainy day activity.
Mess level isn't too bad, we took it outside though ;)

Re-usable Ice tray
food colouring (Hopper brand, from Goodness Me! Organics, adamstown)
paddle pop sticks
paper for painting 

Any brand you like. whatever you can afford, or have on hand :) it won't affect the recipe. 

Mix food colouring (8 or more) drops with water, the more potent, the more vibrant your paintings will be! You be the judge depending on your ice tray size :)
Snap and stick paddle pops in, then pop in the freezer over night. You can use any type of paper and my advice is to let the ice cube tray sit for five minutes to melt a little before using.


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