DIY Butterflies ♡♡

These coffee filter butterflies are such a classic craft and so much fun to make. My kids love them ♡
This is one of those crafts that is perfect for summer. It’s easy. It’s relatively low mess. It’s even a bit of a science experiment when you wet the coffee filter and watch the colours blend. It's also a beautiful way to teach your littles about the life cycle and metamorphiosis of a butterfly, you can start with a white pom pom for the egg, the wooden peg for the caterpillar and so on. 

Biodegradable coffee 
Wooden pegs 
Non toxic textas or acrylic paints 
Dried Flowers

1. Fold your coffee filters in half with a little bit of 'scrunch' for texture.

2. Choose your paints and get painting! Encourage different shapes and patterns like stripes, spots ETC.

3. Leave to dry. 

4. using a brush, paint glue onto the back of desired flowers, sequins, torn paper - whatever your littles would like to add to the butterfly wings. Stick, and leave to dry. 

5. staple wings together and slide up the wooden peg. You can use glue to help keep the wings in place if you like, I haven't needed to though!

6. We kept ours pretty basic so, optional, but you can add antennas (like dried flowers or twigs) and paint on a little face!

7. Blue tac to the wall! After months ours are still on the wall looking beautiful as ever. 

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