• potato block printing.

    This is something I can actually remember doing with my mama when I was her little little. It's a great game for ages 1+

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  • wax painting

    Another craft I can remember doing growing up!
    We just used a tea light candle and water paint but you can also get by with a white crayon.....
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  • rainbow ice block painting

    Ice painting. My kids adored this activity, I would say its most suitable for ages 3+. We used natural paint powder to colour one half and natural dyes for the other........

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  • DIY Butterflies ♡♡

    These coffee filter butterflies are such a classic craft and so much fun to make. My kids love them ♡
    This is one of those crafts that is perfect for summer. It’s easy. It’s relatively low mess. It’s even a bit of a science experiment when you wet the coffee filter and watch the colours blend. It's also a beautiful way to teach your littles about the life cycle and metamorphiosis of a butterfly, you can start with a white pom pom for the egg, the wooden peg for the caterpillar and so on...... Read More ⇨

    Water beads feel like soft, squishy, smooth marbles.  
    If one drops to the floor, it will have a little bounce and roll.  
    Water beads also introduce children to scientific and mathematical concepts such as absorption! Lots of ways you can play with them too....


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  • ♡ playdough recipe

    There are many ways to make playdough – using a stove-top or using a kettle with boiling water - Personally, I prefer the stove-top method!
    It only takes a few minutes to make and it will last for months...

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